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Hash Rosin Pod

Hash Rosin Pods are pre-filled, disposable units containing extracted Hash oil designed for vaporization. This compact, disposable pod brings you everything you could ever ask for in a disposable pod system. This pint-size powerhouse, being the same size as a lighter, is easy to bring with you anywhere! Time is important, and you should be able to vape without worrying about charging a battery.

Single Source Hash Rosin

The pinnacle of modern extraction and ancient methods, Full Spectrum Hash Rosin preserves the art of extraction by implementing old-world techniques with a focus on quality above all else. When it comes to elevating this technique into the constantly evolving cannabis market, we believe that there is no substitute for passion in the production of this artisan concentrate.

Hash House Hash Rosin Gummies

Hash Rosin Gummies

Hash Rosin Gummys combine the true full spectrum benefits of hash rosin in a 100mg package. Each gummy is infused with, carefully processed, hash rosin. Ensuring each batch maintains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes throughout the infusion process. These handcrafted edibles give a unique experience, different from other edibles.