Bulk Wholesale Oil & Delta 9 Distillate

Redbud Roots offers our clients large quantities of premium distillate & cannabis oil to use in all your cannabis products!

To ensure its safety for consumption, our distillate & cannabis oil is laboratory-certified and exceeds all testing benchmarks required by the state of Michigan.

THC Distillate

Don’t settle for less!

A great cannabis oil forms the basis for so many amazing cannabis products. Using cutting-edge oil extraction and refinement filtering techniques, Redbud Roots produces the purest distillate possible.

Why Choose Us?

Cannabis products are investments, and so is the distillate & oil you use with them. With Redbud Roots’ distillate, you’re getting not only the highest quality cannabis oil in Michigan, but you’re also gaining peace of mind that your customers are getting consistent, safe high-quality products.

THC percentages of 85% and above

Sold in liters

Use in infused pre-rolls, cartridges, edibles, beverages, capsules, topicals and tinctures

All distillate & oil passes Michigan’s testing standards

Made from 100% Michigan grown cannabis

Distillate that we produce is the purest on the market because of the proprietary filtering process we use

Distillate THC

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