Strain Of The Month | Death Rattle Strain

Death Rattle Strain


Motorbreath 15 X Dead Legend Bx1


70/30 Hybrid [Indica-Dominant]


Green Team Genetics

How long have we been perfecting the Death Rattle Strain?

Our Death Rattle strain has been growing strong at our grows since 2020!

Is Death Rattle Organic Grown, Vertical Grown, or both?

Due to Death Rattles’ size, it is only grown single tier at the Temple!

How was Death Rattle Acquired?

The seeds were gifted from our friend Tommy at Green Team Genetics. The Death Rattle seeds were popped in 2020 and this strain stood out immediately. It was one of a few keepers we found amongst his gear including Motor Milk and Dead Legend which we recently said goodbye to.

Why Was Death Rattle Chosen?

We selected Death Rattle based on our love of Chems and OG strains. Its mother Motorbreath is one of the all-time Chem/OG crosses. Death Rattle has fuel terps, loud as it gets, and is extremely potent. We were looking for that in a cross and found it. Death Rattle’s yield is high… on par with any strain we grow here at Redbud Roots. Not the densest or prettiest flower but, literally checks every other box as a grower and connoisseur smoker. Chosen for its smell, taste, and effects which are all top shelf in any store and a staple in our grow!

Additional Notes About Death Rattle

The plant grows tall ending up over 6 feet routinely. She has never hermied on us and finishes with consistency.

Overall it was targeted to deliver gas terps and our pheno delivers.

Rated highly by the grow team landing in most everyone’s top 3 with names like Snoop Dawg, Motor Milk, and Sour Giesel.

Far less finicky than other Chem and OG crosses we have grown which leads to a more consistent dependable product.

Typically around 27% THC


  • Full throttle gas. The effects hit hard and fast.
  • Displays characteristics of an OG with just a touch of Chemdogs’ stink in the mix.
  • Upon grinding the flower up you will notice the offensive overpowering rotten terps fill the room.
  • The smoke is heavy and lingers in a room.
  • The THC numbers are just fine but do not tell the whole story of how strong the effects are.
  • From our best Terp In’TERP’reter: Funky gas smell, tastes like something floral dipped in gas with a hint of green tea!

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